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Don’t you just hate it when you have to wait around for a call back on a quote, piece of information or other and the call never comes, or it comes at the least suitable moment? Here is another true bother – the business or establishment you are trying to reach has too many contact details and you don’t know which to use for getting in touch with them immediately – frustrating indeed!

With us though there will be no such issues as we have made keeping in touch with us quick and easy. In our opinion, effective two way communication between customers and company is essential, even crucial.

If you feel like speaking to Martins Cleaners directly, please do so on 020 8077 2699

In case you prefer to jot us a line, please write to [email protected]

Our punctual and attentive customer consultants will take queries right away and provide with detailed information on services, pricing, policies, terms and conditions. They will also help you choose the right service given the circumstances.